47 Busan Tourism Start-up Companies Applied and Selected this year, Smart Tourism ‘Trend’

30 Jul 2022
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47 Busan Tourism Start-up Companies Applied and Selected this year, Smart Tourism ‘Trend’

A total of 47 companies were finally selected as 87 cases were submitted to the "2021 Busan Tourism Start-up Contest" supported by the Busan Metropolitan Government and the Busan Tourism Organization for prospective entrepreneurs and start-ups in Busan. The contest was supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization. The Busan Tourism Business Support Center announced on the 17th that it has selected 47 companies in five areas, including 14 preliminary tourism startups, 21 early tourism startups, 2 developing tourism startups, 1 local community tourism startups, and 9 non-resident partners. 

The Tourism Business Support Center will support the growth of a total of 120 companies, including 47 selected companies this year, 31 in 2019 and 44 in 2020. Various programs will be provided to selected companies such as start-up and tourism professional education, 1:1 consultation, promotion and market development, and internship support. In addition, 38 of these companies will be provided with residential spaces in the Busan Tourism Enterprise Support Center, 30 million won each for 10 preliminary and early companies, and 10 million won each for a total of 1 local community tourism start-up.

It is known that 49% of the finally selected business types are companies that incorporate IT and platform technologies into tourism services in line with smart tourism trends. In addition, among the CEOs of 47 selected companies 26 CEOs are young entrepreneurs under the age of 39, this number accounts  for about 55% from the total number of companies selected, which can be expected to lead the future of Busan, an international tourism city.

 On the 14th, the center explained things such as signing an agreement with major support projects, and also conducted an orientation with networking time between companies. From this week, diagnostic consulting and full-fledged support projects for each company will be carried out after signing the agreement. Jeong Hee-joon, president of the Busan Tourism Organization, said, "This year, a lot of outstanding companies with unique and attractive tourism content that reflects the trend of the times have applied," adding, "We will generously support Busan tourism startups to overcome Corona and grow into Busan's representative of Busan."  

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