[Taste of Hallyu] “Korean food is healthy food.. wonderful!”

30 Jul 2022
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[Taste of Hallyu] “Korean food is healthy food.. wonderful!”

Students from Columbia University, one of the most prestigious universities in the eastern part of the United States, visited I LOVE HANSIK Co., Ltd. to experience Korean food. The visiting students made and ate Korean home-cooked meals at the "I Love Korean Food" cooking studio. They were most impressed by the "Korean salad dish" by blanching spinach slightly in boiling water and seasoned it, which captivated Westerners' taste because the trend of global food in 2019 is vegan or vegetarian. Vegan cuisine is a strict vegetarian dish that doesn't touch products from animals such as milk or eggs, let alone meat. If there is one thing in common between vegan and korean food is that there is a large proportion of vegetables.

According to a survey of Korean restaurants by Incheon International Airport, "Bibimbap" ranked first among foreigners' popular menus among Korean dishes. Bibimbap is composed of various Korean vegetables, centered on meat or eggs and neatly placed on rice. Originally, bibimbap was called Bibim or Goldongban in the royal court, and it is said that all the leftovers were collected and eaten on the last day of the year. Bibimbap is passed down with different personalities from region to region. There are Jeonju Bibimbap in Jeolla-do which is flavored with bean sprouts and spicy red pepper paste, Andong Bibimbap in Gyeongsang-do which is called Hutjesapbap, and Jinju bibimbap is famous for adding yukhoe or raw meat dish. At beaches like Geoje Island, people eat sea squirt bibimbap with sea squirt or raw fish bibimbap with raw fish. Bibimbap is also eaten while preserving warmth by putting it in a stone pot or iron pot. 

Bibimbap is considered the representation of healthy Korean food by foreigners, but it is quite regrettable that Koreans lack interest in the Bibimbap Museum. It is time for policy support or investment by tourism companies to increase the number of more diverse Korean food experience programs for foreign students who will visit Korea again next year.

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Translated by: Bianca (2022.07.09)



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