Busan Local Food Cooking Class

Come and join our cooking class to learn how to cook your own Busan local food the easy way so you can actually make it yourself at home with the simplest ingredients!


Experiencing Busan is incomplete without tasting the local and specialty food. In this class, not only will you taste it but also make it your own with simplified cooking steps and useful cooking tips that anyone can easily follow.


In our Busan local cooking class, we will be providing a selection of Busan’s most popular foods, from main dish to dessert which you’ll be making: wheat noodles (milmyeon), seafood pajeon, griddlecake with sugar and seeds filling (ssiat hotteok). (3 menu items)


The cooking class will be conducted through the chef’s demonstration followed by actual cooking. (Not just cooking demonstration) When the food is prepared, the students can all gather and eat the finished menu in the dining area. (English recipe provided)

PM 04:00  - PM 06:00
Milmyeon, Ssiat hotteok, Pajeon
Program Plan
 demo - practice - food tasting



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